Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Instructors focus on fundamentals of golf and customize your learning experience through player profile development, goal assessments and physical fitness improvement.

Individual Lessons
45 Minute Lesson : $75

Private Group Lessons : Design a group lesson for you and your friends! Group lessons can be created any way you would like, from two players to ten, all are welcome!

9-Hole Playing Lesson : $175 : This is an opportunity for the instructor to look at all aspects of your game. This lesson will not only include instruction, but course management, club selection and the mental aspect of the game too. This very well could be the most beneficial instruction you ever receive!

Coaching Program :  $1,200 : This program allows you to work with your selected coach for 120 minutes per month, for three months, focusing on putting, full swing, mental toughness, on-course shots and much more. The 120 minutes can be broken down as you wish; one 120-minute session, two 60-minute sessions or four 30-minute sessions. This program will also include a written report of initial areas of improvement, technique evaluation and areas to concentrate on after the program.