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Instruction, Clinics & Camps

Bear Trap Dunes is committed to player development and growing the game of golf for our members, guests, and juniors. We offer a wide selection of private golf instruction, clinics and camps. 

Private Instruction 
Our private lessons are designed to help each individual student learn the root problem of their game and design a blueprint to how we are going to improve.


Michael J. Rushin, PGA
Private Instruction - $95
Contact :
Dennis Downes, PGA Associate
Private Instruction - $75

Contact :                        

Private Lessons

Instructors focus on fundamentals of golf and customize your learning experience through player profile development, goal assessments and physical fitness improvement.

Individual Lessons
$95 per 45 minute lesson for individual 

Private Group Lessons
Design a group lesson for you and your friends! Group lessons can be created any way you would like, from two players to ten, all are welcome!

9-Hole Playing Lesson 
This is an opportunity for the instructor to look at all aspects of your game. This lesson will not only include instruction, but course management, club selection and the mental aspect of the game too. This very well could be the most beneficial instruction you ever receive! Based on availability, player must have 20 handicap or less. $175

Adult Learning
Clinics :
Our clinics are designed to help the beginner golfer to the seasoned player by introducing and building on each players knowledge of the game of golf. Each Clinic is capped for one on one time with the instructor, so sign up now with the golf shop at 302-536-5600.
Time : 4:00-5:00
Cost - $30
Pitching and Chipping – During the clinic, we will cover all aspects of the basic chipping and pitching technique. The clinic will take place at the short game area and the clubs needed will be your highest lofted club, a pitching wedge and a nine iron.
Driver Swing – During the clinic, we will cover all aspects of the driver swing and techniques needed to properly hit consistent and long shots. The clinic will take place on the driving range and the club needed are your driver or the club you most often tee off with.
Iron Swing – During the clinic, we will cover all aspects of hitting effective iron shots. The clinic will take place on the driving range and the clubs needed would be a nine iron and a seven iron.
Putting – During this clinic we will cover the basics of putting, from how to learn a proper stroke to how to read a green. The clinic will take place on the putting green, the club needed is a putter.

5/5 – Pitching and Chipping
5/12 – Driver Swing
5/19 – Pitching and Chipping
5/26 – Iron Swing
6/2 – Driver Swing
6/16 – Iron Swing
6/23 – Putting
6/30 – Driver Swing
7/7 – Pitching and Chipping
7/14 – Iron Swing
7/21 – Pitching and Chipping
7/28 – Putting

Junior Learning
2023 Schedule TBD